Herakles Kutter Jig

Detta bete har fiskat enormt bra på vertikalfisket efter röding på Vättern sedan 2017

65 kr

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Herakles Kutter Jig

Herakles Kutter Jig – It’s an evolution of the metal jig, more aero dynamic and featuring a own catchy swimming action. Its main feature is the possibility to vary the swimming action inverting the rigging point from front to rear, inverting the center of gravity of the lure. Moving the center of gravity toward the main line it will possible to obtain slower dives and the chance to jerk the jig like a lipless or a minnow, in full control of the lure that will react to any solicitations. It will be possible to work the lure with all the main characteristic of casting jig fishing even at low speed retrieve. The diving speed will not be too fast and will produce a very enticing rotation on its own axis producing light flashes and vibrations. All this features are perfect for surface freenzies fishing. Rigged with the center of gravity toward the bottom will perform very well on straight retrieves producing fast twists on its own axis, will cast longer and sink faster reaching the strike zone in a shorter time. The Kutter has all the main feature of a casting jig and can be used as a casting jig or a vertical jig. The lure comes with an unrigged treble hook, it’s your choice to rig it or go for a single hook or go for a single or a double assist hook depending on your needs, whatever will be your choice You’ll be totally sutisfied fishing for pelagics on off shore freenzies or shore jigging for dentex, sea bass and other predators.


Vikt/Längd: 29g/65mm



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